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Medulin – Istra - CROATIA

In conformity with article 15 of the Statute of the Municipality of Medulin (Municipality of Medulin’s Official Journal nr. 4/01, 2/02, 8/03 and 4/04, 7/05 ), on its 34th meeting, held on the 14th April 2009, the City Council brings about the following


1. The Municipality of Medulin City Council’s opinion regarding the construction plans for a Regional Waste Management Center remains unaltered. The location Kastijun for the construction of a RWMC is UNACCEPTABLE.

2 The Municipality of Medulin City Council sees the location “Kastijun” as an imposition by the Istrian Region against the will of the citizens and all the governmental institutions of the Municipality of Medulin.

3 The way the location for the RWMC has been selected, the environmental impact study has been made and the studies regarding the facilities to be built have been carried out, together with the speculations about the RWMC total area and other activities connected to the Center, have and still are being carried out with a total lack of transparency, without ever consulting the local self-government and the citizens, the decisions being imposed upon the population without a proper resolution and in a totally antidemocratic way.

4 The public opinion is presented only with part of the construction plans, that is only certain construction phases, whereby only communal waste is mentioned, and, with the excuse of a multi-phases construction plan, no mention of medical waste management or “temporary “ toxic waste deposit is ever made.
Moreover, no answer is given to those wondering about the disposal of the sewage water coming from all the Istrian water treatment facilities (the Croatian Water Management Department statements making it clear to everybody that the planned disposal center would be KAŠTIJUN) .

5 The City Council has learned exclusively from the press that the environmental impact study it has been presented with and which was unanimously rejected during the public hearings, has actually been carried out in an inadequate way and has been scheduled for revision (correction). After the study has then been corrected, and without us being informed of those modifications, thus without a new public discussion, the location permit is now being applied for, once again in an untransparent way, far from the eyes of public opinion and the local self-government institutions – the Municipality of Medulin. It seems obvious that the applicant has certain hidden reasons. Thus, the Municipality of Medulin will ask the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction and the Istrian Region to be permitted to examine this new modified study in order to hold a new public discussion.

6 The Municipality of Medulin City Council believes that the RWMC represents a problem of interest for the whole Istrian Region, not only the Municipalities of Medulin and Pula, and as such needs to be discussed in coordination with the majors and officials of all the Istrian Region towns and municipalities to find a satisfactory solution for all or cancel the project.
The communal waste of the whole of the former Municipality of Pula has been disposed of for the last 40 years in the center of the Municipality of Medulin, and now the plan is to dump the whole of the county’s waste between Pula and Medulin, not taking into consideration that in 10 years time the City of Pula and the Municipality of Medulin will practically merge and be left with a 400.000 m2 dung-hill at the center of the two.
Because of the reasons stated above, we support the Municipality of Medulin Citizens’ Initiative and their proposal to find other possible locations for the RWMC. In line with that, a comparative analysis of all the suitable locations for the construction of the Center within the Istrian Region will be started. We propose to take into consideration as one of the possible locations the Municipality of Kanfanar one more time.

7 The Municipality of Medulin City Council believes that the construction of a RWMC within the location area Kaštijun would definitely and irrevocably destroy the tourism and agricultural industry of the Municipality of Medulin. The citizens of the whole municipality would then become the victims of dirty industries, the victims of atmospheric and sound pollution, as opposed to the blessings they now enjoy: peace and quiet, fresh air and a clean sea.
A typical example of such a prospect is the Rockwool Factory in Potpićan, whereby we wish to underline that plans still can be changed, whereas what has already been built CANNOT !

8 The Municipality of Medulin City Council retains its right to prevent the construction of a RWMC in Kaštijun with all the available means and calls for Medulin’s municipal government, the municipality’s local committees and all the citizens to continue with their legitimate fight against the construction of such a center in the hearth of our municipality.

9 We wish hereby to express our support to the Municipality of Medulin Citizens’ Initiative in its plan to organize, with the help of local committees, the signing of a petition against Kaštijun as location for the RWMC.
During the next City Council meeting a joint task force made of the representatives of the City Council and the Citizens’ Initiative representatives will be constituted with the objective of drawing up a plan of activities with precise carriers and time limits and which will report to the City Council on a regular basis.

Class: 021-05/09-01/1
Protocol nr.: 2168/02-05-007-09/3
Medulin, 14th April 2009.


Medulin – Istra - CROATIA

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